Just a quick (but important) topic this week…

Let’s talk again about The Offer since…well…It’s what makes, or breaks, any campaign.

It’s a sad but true fact that, even if you were the greatest copywriter on the planet, you could never sell a terrible offer.

But, on the flip-side…

You could be the most appalling copywriter who’s ever written a word and a killer offer will convert!

Granted, if you have spelling errors, a lack of social proof, or are missing some ingredient of the ‘Secret Sauce’ you will see a noticeable drop in sales percentage.

However you will still make sales…the offer is THAT important.

Let’s do another quick run-down of the offer (for those who need a refresher)

Most people think that the offer is what you actually have for sale, i.e. Smart Watch, or a qualifier of what’s for sale, i.e. cheap Smart Watches.

These aren’t actual offers, though.

True offers are a summation of a number of elements.

They are formed through the combination of how a product’s value is communicated, its uniqueness, and the benefit of your package.

Offers are best described as your “package deal” and form the positioning of how you present a product.

You can actually take a so-so or average product, wrap it in an attractive offer, and it will experience terrific sales!

That’s simply music to our ears!