Secrets of The Trade

What’s it like to be a fly on the wall as a team of email copywriters discuss segments, audiences, offers and campaigns?

How do they decide what to run, when to run it or how to maximize the results you get via email?

Want to see what methods have been used to get past $10k/mo in online store profits? Take the course and find out!

Daniel Deyette
Course Instructor
Daniel has been integral in generating millions of dollars in sales from email marketing campaigns, automations and targetted copy. He's an expert at building your tribe and making your potential customers followers and make them feel like their family. He's been the CEO of Answers Wanted since 2008 and has taught his email marketing strategies in college courses.

Inside You'll Learn…

  • What do you absolutely have to know about your customer before you start writing emails to ensure they’re well received and convert well?
  • How to uncover your customer’s biggest pain points and greatest goal in life.
  • What makes a GREAT high converting irresistible offer and what nine elements make up a killer offer?
  • Real world examples of hot offers and the formula they follow.
  • How to use ordinary blog posts to create high engagement emails.
  • The strategies behind profitable email content calendars that include mini launches, content, stories, announcements and more.
  • A real content calendar you can start using right now (in Excel format, but uploadable to Google Docs for team use).
  • How to use nine different single day and seven multi-day campaign formulas.
  • More than 8 different email layout styles (and which to use when).
  • How to choose an angle that gets inside the head of your subscriber and compels them to open, click and reply.
  • Tons of deconstructed headline formulas.
  • The elements of deciding which voice to use or emulate while writing.
  • How to check over an email before sending and what to look for (this impacts readability, deliverability, tech glitch prevention and emails looking garbled on other systems).
  • How to use and follow ‘email cores’ which are templates you can follow to make writing creative copy easier and more effective.


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