Ever wondered what makes people take action?

Curious how people think, or how to get inside the head of your ideal customer?

What about the best ways to structure your copy? Wonder no more in this detailed course!

Daniel Deyette
Course Instructor
Daniel has been integral in generating millions of dollars in sales from email marketing campaigns, automations and targetted copy. He's an expert at building your tribe and making your potential customers followers and make them feel like their family. He's been the CEO of Answers Wanted since 2008 and has taught his email marketing strategies in college courses.

Inside You'll Learn…

  • What copywriting can and CAN'T do. It's not a magic bean that can fix any business problem, it only fixes certain problems. When applied to a solid business, it can increase business by 180% if the conditions are right.
  • What elements you NEED to research and understand before you write your copy.
  • Understand what copy is designed to take care of in the overall sales process.
  • Discover the CORRECT way to do ideal customer research and what elements you need to have nailed down and dialed in to write stuff that gets their attention and sale.
  • Learn the basics of customer research and where to start that process.
  • Learn what impact a customer’s age range, stage of the buying cycle and core needs are and how they impact a results getting approach to copy.
  • Learn what modern human psychology has discovered about how humans make decisions on new information, what they care about and what motivates them.
  • We'll also cover subliminal persuasion and what extra 'pulls' you can add to add more weight and desire to your offer.
  • Find out what the elements of an irresistible offer are and how to build an offer that sounds like a no-brainer.
  • Discover the proven formulas for delivering the finished product into a money-grabbing eye tugging sales piece.


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