Alright everyone, today we have a special guest on our show. Vanessa Cabrera is an email marketing expert, kickboxer, beer buff and single mom-preneur who helps people with converting prospects into dollars… Vanessa we’re glad to have you!

Questions I asked Vanessa:

  • So tell us, how did you get into the email marketing business.. What did you do before?
  • Now you do workshops… private coaching etc? Tell us about what the Email Empire is.
  • I know you’re a total pro around email + social, how do you typically combine those?
  • What types of niche/industriess have you worked in or with. Do you have an ideal target customer for your email help?
  • Tell us some examples or case studies of some cool results you’ve gotten or seen while helping with email, just to give listeners an idea of what’s possible.
  • So, you’re a Master Certified Expert in email, who did you take that with and what does it mean?
  • Tell me about technology, what platform do you typically work with?
  • Say someone’s listening and they’ve got nothing… Just getting started. Where would you recommend they start?
  • Tell us about your VIP service, do you still do that
  • Say someone’s listening to this and they’re thinking whoa! She’s a rockstar, how do I work with her, where would you recommend they go?

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