Project Description

Here’s what you’ll get with the SBSL Formula…

  • The psychology and content outlines of each email
  • The copy formulas and email layouts needed to make it work
  • 10 common reasons why campaigns don’t convert well
  • Example subject lines
  • The segmentation strategy that helps you land in the inbox and get maximum sales
  • The content calendar example (excel file) to help with outsourcing, management, laying out the plan and keep organized
  • A video walkthrough by email marketing expert Daniel Deyette, taking you through all the steps to take advantage of this amazing strategy

Course Details

The SBSL Series Contains 6 Emails and in this course, we’ll deep dive into each one:

  • Email 1 – A simple ‘deal announce’
  • Email 2 – Pain Point
  • Email 3 – Product Experience
  • Email 4 – Benefits of the product
  • Email 5 – Last day of the sale
  • Email 6 – Ends in just 3 hours

Daniel Deyette

Course Instructor

Daniel has been integral in generating millions of dollars in sales from email marketing campaigns, automations and targetted copy.
He’s an expert at building your tribe and making your potential customers followers and make them feel like their family.
Dan founded Answers Wanted in 2008 and has taught his email marketing strategies in college.
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