Project Description

Email Mastermind: When you need somebody to lean on

What’s It About?

Whether you’re a veteran email marketer who’s encountered an odd glitch…

Or a brand new copy cub looking to blaze your own trail…

Writer’s block is just part of the package. Maybe you’re in some weird niche and you just can’t get traction.

Or perhaps you’re looking for new inspiration from swipes of converting emails; warming up lists or creating re-engagement campaigns; and help with list hygiene…

There’s never been ANYTHING like this.

…and for good reason!

Some major email providers don’t want you knowing what you can and can’t get away with!

What’s Inside?

Pick the brain of one of the best copywriting gurus around:

  • Access to example converting emails
  • The hottest list growth methods
  • Help mailing or warming up cold lists
  • Help with an email server
  • Learn how to test your inboxing rates
  • Help with email promotions or content ideas
  • Access to hundreds of hot subject lines
  • Diagnosing email problems
  • How to get a 30% increase in business/results?
  • Funnel related help

Daniel Deyette

The Copywriting Guru

Daniel has been integral in generating millions of dollars in sales from email marketing campaigns, automations and targetted copy.
He’s an expert at building your tribe and making your potential customers followers and make them feel like their family.
Dan founded Answers Wanted in 2008 and has taught his email marketing strategies in college.
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