Social calendars are filled with little-known special days, should you email your list about them?

Today there’s a national, international or specialty recognized day for just about everything! Social media calendars are loaded with these “friendship day” and “take your pet to work day” topics.

Can’t count how many times I’ve heard clients ask “Should we email our list in honour of this?”


Hear me out though.

If your list is mostly pet owners AND you had absolutely nothing else planned AND you haven’t already celebrated 2-3 other non-essential invented holidays… (we’re definitely not talking about Black Friday, Christmas, Easter etc)

…Then sure, mail “Take your dog to work day” and tie it in with a weighted dog jacket that calms anxious dogs in public places…


These holidays are great for social.

There’s a special group of people out there who are passionate about each of these days…

Like Suicide Awareness Day for example. People affected by this are REALLY passionate about awareness of the topic.

When posted on social with hash tags – you show up in all the posts online that day tagged – and anyone who cares about the topic will see you support the cause and MAY come visit your site and do business with you.

Email’s not like that

If you’re not 100% certain that at least 50-70% of your email list care about the topic – it’s a waste.

A high converting email OR an email that continues to drip on prospects or help existing buyers on their path would have performed far better than any of these ‘social media holidays’.

That’s why they’re not *all* included in our free content calendar template. We only include the most valuable ones that the majority of North Americans are interested in.

Check out our calendar and start planning ahead here:

The calendar goes all the way into 2021. Make a copy of that Google Doc and start planning ahead into the future so that your team, your copywriters and your customer service teams are all aware of the plan.

There’s spots for your segments, working subject lines, angles, dates/times and even outlines for possible promos.

Thanks for reading and remember to #NurtureThatList