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It’s International Eat a Pancake Riding a Horse Day…


Social calendars are filled with little-known special days, should you email your list about them? Today there's a national, international or specialty recognized day for just about everything! Social media calendars are loaded with these "friendship day" and "take your pet to work day" topics. Can't count how many times I've heard clients ask "Should we email our list in honour of this?" NO! Hear me out though. If your list is mostly pet owners AND you had absolutely nothing else planned AND you haven't already celebrated 2-3 other non-essential invented holidays... (we're definitely not talking about Black Friday, [...]

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Professional Valentines Day Ecommerce Email Promotion Planning


Lot of people have been asking about Valentines Day ideas for promotions.It's a great time for eCommerce stores. Why not right?It's a commercially invented holiday haha! There was a time when no one rushed out and bought anything on Valentines... and trucks didn't park by gas stations with fresh roses for those Men who dare and come home empty handed.If you sell flowers, chocolates, lingerie or jewelry... the promos for this holiday write themselves.If you sell more practical things, or supplements, pet items or kitchen things.. it gets a bit more tricky.Still the angles are:Who you love to show you [...]

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