Black Friday 2020 will be VERY different
The eCom email strategy has to match, ready?

I’ll be honest, I was worried.

This year will have MORE competition than any previous year.

Big retailers and physical stores are going to spend more in online advertising and clog more inboxes than they ever have in history.

This year will have some folks facing less money or more fears than they normally do (sometimes called ‘consumer confidence’)

But wait… Who am I and why should you listen to me?

Here’s a few of our eCommerce Email projects:

Our Black Friday Sales typically do quite well (see?)

I’ve been studying this for the last two months.

Here’s a few things I’ve done:

  • Campaign analysis of previous years data
  • Listened in on retailer investor calls
  • Read consumer survey data only available by special subscriptions
  • Gathered holiday promo strategies from various brands & private groups

Using all this data – I’m confident that those who’ve done the intel and have a strategy are going to cash in BIG.

Failing to plan is going to hurt some retailers big time – here’s why:

  • Email systems like Klaviyo, Keap, Ontraport etc will operate slower as more marketing teams crowd the systems to load emails
  • Last minute changes slow things down
  • Running out of stock too early
  • Not having the right kind of upsell/back end email follow-ups
  • Suppressing the wrong buyer/opener/clickers during the sale
  • and so much more.

My current Black Friday strategy consists of about 25 pages of notes. 

Within these docs it covers a wide range of things:

  • Email types that will be critical to regaining consumer confidence
  • Campaign timing and when to release the best deals and higher ticket items
  • Back end autoresponder/flow strategies
  • Offer structures of the past and current planned options
  • Discounts that don’t involve coupons/percentage discounts
  • Critical questions to ask the team, client and copywriters
  • A sample content calendar outlining when each should go out and who to suppress/mail.

I’m considering offering some live videos covering the data discovered.

I’m revealing all this soon (last week of Oct 2020).

You’ll need to be on the list to hear about it – you can sign up below: