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Daniel spent 4 years as an online marketing coach. In 2008 he launched his own online marketing agency. After 5 years the agency pivoted to focus 100% on email. They've provided deliverability audits to multi-billion dollar companies and comprehensive email strategies for ecommerce companies in 8 countries.

The Make-or-Break of Any Campaign


Just a quick (but important) topic this week... Let’s talk again about The Offer since...well...It’s what makes, or breaks, any campaign. It’s a sad but true fact that, even if you were the greatest copywriter on the planet, you could never sell a terrible offer. But, on the flip-side... You could be the most appalling copywriter who’s ever written a word and a killer offer will convert! Granted, if you have spelling errors, a lack of social proof, or are missing some ingredient of the ‘Secret Sauce’ you will see a noticeable drop in sales percentage. However you will [...]

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What Makes a GREAT Promo


What is it that makes a promo a truly GREAT one? Free shipping over $99 isn’t a good offer but… “Three items for $49” is! “Save $20” is! “Get a free ‘x’ with every order this week” is! “BOGO or Buy 2 get 1 Free” is! “New product” is! You will also need a great hook or an “angle” “Love yourself” or even “Lower stress” aren’t angles… These aren’t gripping hook points that get people to turn the car around, take a second glance, or drop everything, etc. These are great angles: Why they stole Einstein’s brain The leg [...]

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How I Re-Engage a Low Engagement List


How I Re-Engage a Low Engagement List So... I recently got asked a question from a Mailer Skills student about effective strategies to monetize large (and less-engaged) lists. Well, this got me thinking about what’s important in content marketing… the three main audiences. Knowing your three main audiences and what makes them unique will help you develop tailored marketing strategies for each of them. The three main customer audiences are as follows... 1. The Oblivious or Uninformed (the less they know, the more broad you go!) This is the unenlightened audience… they have no clue as to what you’re [...]

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[GUIDE] High Converting eCommerce CPG Pricing & Promotion Strategy


If you want conversions without discounting your brand, read this. Marketing professionals and business owners know the pressure to get sales. AKA: Make it rain! It’s the life-blood of business. I create email strategies, but part of that almost always leads to offer analysis (price & product presentation basically). The problem every business runs up against..... Price everything at 25-40% off and the sales come rolling in. Soon customers get used to discounts and think they have to run them all the time! You start what Seth Godin called "the race to the bottom" and… if you're not careful [...]

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It’s International Eat a Pancake Riding a Horse Day…


Social calendars are filled with little-known special days, should you email your list about them? Today there's a national, international or specialty recognized day for just about everything! Social media calendars are loaded with these "friendship day" and "take your pet to work day" topics. Can't count how many times I've heard clients ask "Should we email our list in honour of this?" NO! Hear me out though. If your list is mostly pet owners AND you had absolutely nothing else planned AND you haven't already celebrated 2-3 other non-essential invented holidays... (we're definitely not talking about Black Friday, [...]

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Professional Valentines Day Ecommerce Email Promotion Planning


Lot of people have been asking about Valentines Day ideas for promotions.It's a great time for eCommerce stores. Why not right?It's a commercially invented holiday haha! There was a time when no one rushed out and bought anything on Valentines... and trucks didn't park by gas stations with fresh roses for those Men who dare and come home empty handed.If you sell flowers, chocolates, lingerie or jewelry... the promos for this holiday write themselves.If you sell more practical things, or supplements, pet items or kitchen things.. it gets a bit more tricky.Still the angles are:Who you love to show you [...]

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Learn to Love the PostScript


Read the Boron Letters One of the biggest names in direct marketing - and copywriting - was an incredibly smart entrepreneur named Gary Halbert. This guy made millions, lost millions, went to prison, got out of prison and made millions again, before tragically dying from a heart attack in his mid-sixties. From his vast experience came one of the most comprehensive strategies for direct mail marketing the industry had ever seen and the best part about all of it is that he made it available to everyone... for free. The Claim to Fame His most notable work was on the [...]

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