Daniel Deyette

20 Years of Marketing Knowledge to Drop on You
Copywriter | Email Guru | Marketing Whisperer

Many years ago, I began my journey into marketing at a small web design company in the late 90s.

I quickly moved into a trainer role at Hewlett-Packard, and finally evolving into a Sales rep and then a Coach at The Internet Marketing Center.

I coached over 260 people over four years to start their own online business – then I opened my own agency.

We supported Disney Interactive, Sketchers Shoes and a number of big brands with Google Adwords and Facebook Ads.

One project saw us spend $600,000 on pay per click ads and generated over 460,000 opt-ins, then we began mailing offers…

Trouble came when we couldn’t hit our inboxing goals.

I sought out the best strategies and practices in the industry.

After gathering all the best tips and tricks, I ended up writing the first book on email deliverability and teaching email marketing at a local college. Eventually I scaled up and created my own email marketing agency – helping a number of eCommerce stores generate a whopping $40m in sales.

Today, I help stores and agencies get MAXIMUM revenue from email.

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“Daniel Deyette and his crew are some of the best of the best in the industry when it comes to email marketing.

I saw what Daniel did first hand on a client we were both working with.

He got into those campaigns and re-structured, organized, and cleaned house and brought a dead list back to life.

Keep in mind, this list was deader than dead. It took some work–and this is the best part about Daniel’s work ethic–but Daniel didn’t give excuses or anything.

He analyzed and solved based on what the list needed. Sure enough, with some loving care, sales began climbing. Oh, and did I mention that Daniel and his team polished up the client’s entire Shopify store? Insane.

You hear about people doing well with email. Daniel not only does well with email, he truly cares. I saw these emails. I read each one.

And I have to be honest–Daniel is writing the kinds of emails that get inboxed, devoured, and purchased from.

If you have email needs and want someone to handle with care and give you some gorgeous numbers, then you would be wise to get Daniel on your team.”

Heath Wilcock, CEO, Fold Soup Copy


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